PC Protection

PC Protection
PC Protection software protects one or more of your computers from viruses, spam, phishing and other potential attacks on your computer. Some software includes add-ons for parent control either as a separate download or as part of the package. Some software includes backup software for your files. There are many companies that provide such services however there are 3 main players in the market. You may have heard of 1 or 2 of these. We can resell any of the options below, however deciding amongst them can be confusing. We will give you the highlights to help you make a decision that is right for you and your family. Additionally, we recommend a backup solution for your files that provides off-site storage for additionally protection.

PC Protection includes one or more of the following:

  • Anti-virus protection – At a minimum, you should protect against viruses. A virus is a program that runs on your computer and tries to collect, corrupt or otherwise compromise your data.
  • Anti-spam protection – It is a good idea to protect against spam. Think of spam as the junk mail you get delivered at home, except that it gets delivered through the internet.
  • Spyware blocking – Spyware is a category of foreign elements that include cookies (tracking mechanism), advertisements and other related information that you collect as your traverse the Internet. While not usually dangerous, they can slow down your PC.
  • Firewalls – As it in the real world, a firewall is designed to protect your computer in the event of danger outside. It operates like a filter, only alllowing access to sites and protocols that are specified and disallowing all the rest. Unfortunately, this is only one step in the process of protecting your computer, because you must allow certain access (e.g. a browser) in order to make use of the Internet. Think of the Firewall as your first line of defense.
  • Anti-phishing – Phishing is a newer instrument designed to capture sensitive information. With phishing, people design websites to look like real websites and request data from you. You definitely want to have protection that will authenticate real sites for you.
  • PC Tuneup – Several PC Protection software option include the ability to clean up old files, reorganize your hard drive, etc… Don’t buy software just for this reason alone, because Windows has the capability built-in. These companies just use the same mechanism that Windows uses but from one central location.
  • Backup & Restore – It is a good idea to backup important files on a regular basis. Some PC Protection software has this built-in but often it requires another hard drive, a writeable CD or DVD drive or Zip drive to work. We highly recommend using an offsite location. This means that your files are stored at a central location in a secure manner.
  • Parental Controls – A bad name for important functionality, parental controls allow you to determine what is or is not appropriate for your children. We highly recommend that you do not use this to “control” your child, but to protect them. In doing so, please talk to your children about what is acceptable online behavior and access.

Here is the list of choices that we resell or refer:
Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 – You can buy this today! Still evaluating parental controls. Check back for a review soon.
McAfee – Coming soon. Still evaluating the product. Check back for a review soon.
Kaspersky – Coming soon. Still evaluating the product. Check back for a review soon.
iBackup – Start protecting your files today!


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