Kid-friendly Browsers & Online Environments

Kid-friendly browsers and Online Environments are yet another category of tools that you can use to protect your children online. You probably have heard about WebKins. Well, think of this category as where you go when your child outgrows webkins but before they (or you) are ready for them to be out there in the full uncontrolled environment of the Internet.

This category ranges from some stand-alone Web Browsers and Searching Engines to full-fledged Online Environments.

For now, we’re going to highlight just one, but be sure to check often for more.

KidZui is the Internet for the Kids!

KidZui is a revolutionary new kids’ browsing environment that makes surfing the Internet fun and easy for kids ages 3-12.  And now, KidZui is FREE!  KidZui has over 600,000 websites, videos and pictures with more added daily. Content in KidZui has been reviewed by teachers and parents so kids can surf independently. With our weekly parental email reports, you’ll always be up-to-date with what your kids are searching for and looking at online.

The other great thing about KidZui is that you don’t have buy ANYTHING to get started. Just download the software by clicking on the KidZui banner below, set up an account and you are ready to go!

Get started with KidZui now!


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