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One of the most basic things you can do to keep children safe is to install monitoring software on your home and school computers. At home, we strongly suggest that you sign an online agreement with your children so they know you are doing this and they agree to it.

At schools, it is probably a good idea to use our teacher/student version of the online agreement in your classrooms (coming soon).

Product Categories

Kids & Teens: Keep reading for a special message just to you.
Parents & Teachers: Keep reading to learn about how we resell software.

Kids & Teens: Your parents and teachers are not trying to spy on you, we promise! They are trying to protect you or at the very least they are trying to help you protect yourselves. Please don’t fight them on this. Our online agreement is very easy to use and adapt. If there is something that you don’t like in it, try to negotiate these points. But, be fair and understand that they come from a good place.

We resell software that helps parents and teachers monitor children and students online activities. To understand the difference between selling and reselling, please read our FAQ.  To assist you with the endeavor of deciding between all of the different products out there, we purchase, test and compare software for you. Read our recommendations to decide what is best for you, or call for a free consultation.  

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