About Us

Company Overview
When Kinderguarded first opened in 2007, the vision of the company was to create a place where parents, teachers, kids and teens could go for information about being safe and staying safe online. We soon realized that parents and teachers needed more than just education. They needed the tools to ensure that their children and students stay safe and they needed services to help them learn how to use the tools. We also realized that the kids and teens both needed more information (though delivered differently) to stay safe. So, we expanded our focus and are here in Nassau County, NY to serve the parents, teachers and children of our community.

84x96President & CEO Message
Thank you for visiting our site. As your explore, it is our hope that you will learn about the wealth of information available to you on this very important topic. We tried to make this site as intuitive as possible so that even the most novice user of the internet would feel comfortable. So, we apologize for the simplicity some advanced users may experience. And, if you feel overwhelmed and just want to talk about where to get started, we are just a phone call away. The first consultation is free! Again, have a look around, make comments, read our blog, chat on Ning and don’t be afraid to call for help.

Robin Wilensky, President & CEO

Mission Statement
To keep the members of our community safe yet still connected to the digital world all around us.

What you will find here:
1. Links to information about online safety
2. Monitoring software and child-friendly software
3. Link to our Ning Social Networking site
4. Books and other resources about online safety
5. Services we provide: training for parents, teachers, teens & kids about how to be safe online


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